Solaris 2.6 setsockopt SO_RCVLOWAT SO_SNDLOWAT

Solaris 2.6 setsockopt SO_RCVLOWAT SO_SNDLOWAT

Post by Desi Mille » Sat, 29 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Anyone know if Solaris 2.6 supports receive and send low-water marks?

I can't get this working, and wondering if it was due to my error (entirely
possible) or to Solaris not supporting this capability.


1. can't read Solaris 2.6 x86 hard disk on Solaris 2.6 Ultra-1 ?!?

I was going to use this hard drive to move large files from my
Ultra to my Pentium PC for CD-R backup, but upon "boot -r" on
the Ultra I saw an error about "invalid geometry" on sd3, the
drive I had formatted on my PC to be ufs.  And now of course
I can't even "prtvtoc" this disk ("Unable to read Disk geometry"),
so mounting it is seemingly out of the question.

What's the problem?  Was I naive to assume the a ufs on a Solaris
system would be the same regardless of CPU type?  I really don't
want to use Ethernet to transmit potentially gigabytes of data
on a regular basis :-(...

Please reply via email (and post here, of course), as I don't
get a chance to keep up with the newsgroup as regularly as I
would wish.  Thanks.

Mark J. Kaufman             Sun Microsystems, San Diego

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