UDP dropping packets

UDP dropping packets

Post by Mitr » Fri, 04 Feb 1994 13:10:34

Has anyone else seen problems with UDP dropping packets.

I've got UDP sending a lot of packets to a client on the same machine,
it only sends the first 9 packets, and the rest are lost.  The code runs
fine on a BSD4.1.3 machine, and under SCO Unix. We are runnignSolaris
2.3 on a Sparc 10 with 2 processors - its currently lightly loaded, so
that shouldnt be the problem.

I've looked - but cant find - any tunable paramaters relating to UDP
buffers or anything like that.

- Mitra


1. Firewall dropping Kazaa UDP packets it shouldn't -- Need help


I am trying to get kanat to work -- This allows you to run a kazaa
machine behind a firewall.  

All you have to do is forward both the UDP and the TCP port of your
choice to the kazaa machine behind your NAT.

OK, no problem.  But if I completely open up my firewall, and just
turn on forwarding, then it works.

But, if I turn on port forwarding in my normal software package
(firestater), then only half of the UDP packets come through.  The
rest are dropped.

I'm dying for a decent kazaa machine.  Can anyone help me figure out
what rule in Firestater is causing only some of the UDP packets to be

I don't even know where to start.


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