Solaris 2.4 for x86 and Multicasting, need mrouted

Solaris 2.4 for x86 and Multicasting, need mrouted

Post by Christopher Durh » Thu, 23 Mar 1995 10:56:44

Hi everyone,
        I have a copy of solaris 2.4 for x86 here and am investigating
setting it up to do multicast routing. While I am quite sure that it
can handle multicasting on the local subnet, I need to find an mrouted
program to enable multicast tunneling between it and other multicast
routers, using IGMP and DVMRP.

This being the case, the questions are:

1. does such a daemon come stock with 2.4? (I have not yet installed it)
2. if not, where can i get one, binary *and* source?


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under BSD-type kernels:


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