energy-saver screenblank

energy-saver screenblank

Post by Darrel Hankers » Sun, 02 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Sun said Solaris 2.4 includes energy-saver support for our 17inch
monitors (Sony; delivered with our Sparc-20s). I can find no
information in the answerbook.

The FAQ says:

    Solaris 2.4 comes with power management software for those systems
    with a soft-switchable power supply...powermanagement software can
    be used to switch off just the screen, by putting the following in
    the power.conf file:

Since I can't find power.conf, I suspect that my machine does not have
such a feature. So, I turned to Jef Poskanzer's screenblank, which
          ...turning  off  the  screen's power...This  option  is
          only  available  on  systems that support it (currently
          only Solaris 2.4), and only works on screens that  sup-
          port it (currently only CG14).

I don't think I have a CG14 (but my monitor does have energy-saver
modes). As far as I can tell, screenblank will not trigger the proper
mode on my monitor.




energy-saver screenblank

Post by Darrel Hankers » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

   [FAQ mentions power management software]

If I had looked more carefully, I would have seen the extra CD and
documentation in the distribution. Sorry.

Thanks to the the two folks who pointed me in the right direction.
I have omitted names, since these came via email.

   Date: Sat, 1 Jul 95
   Subject: energy-saver screenblank

   The power saver features are on a separate CD from the OS
   distribution. Were those extra "packages" installed on your machine ?
   Those packages probably also contain the appropriate answerbook pages

   Check you OS distribution (SMCC only, the FCS SunSoft distribution
   probably did not come with the extra CD.)

   Date: Wed, 5 Jul 1995
   Subject: Re: energy-saver screenblank

   Screenblank seems to trigger power saving mode for me whether i'm
   in X or not. I use jef's screenblank too.

   I have an /etc/power.conf. There is also a power managament program
   called dtpower.

   They came in two packages called SUNWpmr and SUNWpmow. If they're not
   on your solaris 2.4 install cd they may be on the 'supplement' one.
   With your 2.4 media there should have been a manual on using power



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