solstice PPP problem

solstice PPP problem

Post by ZuoDong Zhen » Fri, 06 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I am trying connect to a NT server which runs RAS from my sun
workstation using solstice PPP software, and it gives a timeout error
everytime i try.  The log tells me that it is expecting "ogin:" from the
NT.  But that NT is using chap, and i did set my solstice PPP to use
chap, and it just don't work.  If i type this on the command line:
  > tip -9600 /dev/cua/a

and it shows:

but never move on.

any body have a cure on this?



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1. Solstice PPP problem

I've got a Sparc 5 running Solaris 7 with the Solstice PPP client.
When I run ppptool, it connects, starts ppp negotiation, and then
hangs up.  I've got the debug level set to 9, and here's what I get
in the log file:
04/06/00 15:13:57 - start_ppp: top module=ttcompat
04/06/00 15:13:57 - start_ppp: popped ttcompat
04/06/00 15:13:57 - start_ppp: top module=ldterm
04/06/00 15:13:57 - start_ppp:  popped ldterm
04/06/00 15:13:57 - start_ppp: done popping modules
04/06/00 15:13:57 - DEVICE up for ipdptp0
04/06/00 15:13:57 - IP_NCP starting on ipdptp0
04/06/00 15:14:09 - LCP finished on ipdptp0
04/06/00 15:14:09 - Disconnecting device pppdev0

note the pause before "LCP finished".  Is this caused by the same problem
that requires "P_ZERO" in /etc/uucp/Systems for the other ppp utilities?
If so, where would I put it?  The Solstice PPP client doesn't appear
to use the uucp setup.

I've tried this with two different modems: a MultiTech MT5600ZDXV and
a MultiTech MT2834ZDX, both configured with the MultiModem MT2834BLF
modem definition.  Is there a more extensive modem definitions file
available somewhere?

Bob Campbell                    Unix System Administrator
Scientific Computing Division   National Center for Atmospheric Research

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