Solaris2.4x86 Attaching external modem

Solaris2.4x86 Attaching external modem

Post by Shank » Thu, 13 Oct 1994 18:33:56

Subject line says it all.
Any help would be most appreciated. Please respond via e-mail

Have tried per answerbook via serial port manager.
How do I figure out WHERE the problem is?
Is there a good system administration book for Solarisx86?
Thanks in advance.

Shankar Ramamoorthy


1. OpenWindows Bug under Solaris2.4x86?


some time ago, I compiled xfig 3.1.4 to run under Solaris2.4x86. I'm running
xfig now for nearly 3 months and in that time hit upon a strange bug:

Each time after loading a *.fig-file, selecting a drawing mode like "Rectan-
gular BOX drawing" and toggling some of those pixmap buttons on the indicator
panel like the "Grid mode" or "Point posn" button twice, the upper left corner
of the screen suddenly is mapped "into" this button (normally the pixmap of
such a button is exchanged by another xfig pixmap). When closing xfig after-
wards and finishing the OpenWindows session, a core will be written out and
the display will show a pattern of blue vertical bars, which cannot be cleared
without rebooting the computer.

Since this bug does not occur, when using another X-server e.g. the respective
XFree86 server or when running xfig on a HP710 under HPUX9.0, and since the
written out core indicates some trouble with /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun, which is
the OpenWindows X-server, I guess, this problem is caused by a bug in this
server (I didn't debug Xsun, for I haven't got the source code, I just had a
look into the core with 'fm').

So I should be very grateful, if there is someone out there, who can help me
to fix this bug.

Thank you,

Dipl.-Ing. Karim Kaschani )*                     Tel.  : +49 531 391-3800
Institut fuer Elektrophysik                      Fax   : +49 531 391-5844

Hans-Sommer-Str. 66
D-38106 Braunschweig                             )* It's "Karim", indeed, with
Germany                                             an "M" just like "male"

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