Solaris 2.4 NIS+ Woes

Solaris 2.4 NIS+ Woes

Post by Bruce Riddl » Tue, 12 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Anybody know how to get password aging to work.  nispasswd has never
worked for since I enabled aging.  It want's the secure RPC passwd ehcih
I give oit and it barks at me.  What gives here.  

E-mail appreciated don't always get enough news time.

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1. Enable NIS under HPUX so it'll work with Solaris 2.4 NIS+....

Hi there,

well, after hours of reading manuals, FAQs and trying to get things up
and running I could need some help from you out there :-))

What I did so far: installed NIS+ successfully on Solaris 2.4 and
configured one of our HP 9000/700 to use NIS (main job was to start

It successfully uses our NIS+-Server (running in compat-mode) with
stuff like ypcat group or similar, just created groups appear, so I'm
pretty sure that NISin general DOES work!

The only problem is:

I cannot log in, and that is the interesting part of NIS/NIS+, the
central maintenance of passwd ond such stuff. I deleted a dummy-user
from /etc/passwd and the shadow-file And added the +:0:0::: (or
similar) line to the passwd.

But each time I'll try to log in as the dummy-user I get

         Login incorrect

while using the same passwd under solaris 2.4 works like a charme!! I
also checked the perms for nobody and verifyed that I

        ypcat passwd

under HPUX reveals the correct information!

As you may realize, I'm pretty stuck and could honestly need some

Any hints are welcomed, if email drops in, I'll summarize! Pointers to
FAQs (I checked quite a few but wasn't successfull finding help) are
also appreciated!



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