Postscript Printing Problems

Postscript Printing Problems

Post by chill.. » Sun, 15 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm having trouble setting up a laser printer on a SunSparc 20 using Solaris
2.51.  I tried using a SunPics SparcPrinter II, HP LaserJet 4Plus, HP
LaserJet 4MP, and even a new Lexmark Optra S 1650.  I always get an Error

I have the printers set up in Postscript mode and I am also using NIS+.

I need help fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Postscript Printing Problems


I am having problems printing postscript 2 pages per
sheet of paper.

I have tried using mpage and nenscript with the number
of pages per sheet set to 2, and piping that to gs.

My printer is an Epson ActionLaser 1100 (which emulates
a HP LaserJet III).

Here's the problem.  When I print something that comes
out on just one sheet of paper, the characters are
perfect.  However, when I print something that comes
out on multiple sheets of paper, only the last one's
characters are clear, all other pages are (usually)
readable, but very fuzzy.

I am using gs-2.6.1.  Is this the problem?  Or has someone
else run into this on an ActionLaser 1100?

Thanks in advance,
John C. Main
Sr. Software Engineer, EDD Project Leader
Northern Telecom, Inc.

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