Help with I18N (Internationalization ) under Motif 1.2, X11R5 and Solaris 2.3

Help with I18N (Internationalization ) under Motif 1.2, X11R5 and Solaris 2.3

Post by Anupam Chand » Tue, 09 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am having some problems getting X and Motif to behave properly
for Internationalization under Solaris 2.3. Here's a list of
problems that I am facing.

o  Xt and Motif seem to neglect the "%T" substitution in the value of
   XFILESEARCHPATH when searching for app defaults file. In other
   words if the value of XFILESEARCHPATH is :
   $MY_APP_DEF_DIR/%l/%T/%N%C%S and the locale is set to "de", any app
   defaults file in the directory $MY_APP_DEF_DIR/de/app-defaults is

o  The "%l" substitution works only for languages other than US
   english. For example, for the above value of XFILESEARCHPATH and
   locale set to C, any app defaults file in the directory
   $MY_APP_DEF_DIR/C will be ignored. However, the app defaults file
   in the directory $MY_APP_DEF_DIR will be used. On the other hand,
   if the locale is set to "de", the app defaults file in the
   directory $MY_APP_DEF_DIR/de will be used.

o  Xt and Motif completely ignores the value of XBMLANGPATH when
   searching for a bitmap file specified as a resource in the app
   defaults file. In order to properly load the bitmap, a complete
   path name of the bitmap file is to be provided in the app defaults
   file. However, the OSF/Motif 1.2 programmer's guide mentions that
   motif uses XtResolvePathname to locate the bitmap file and should
   be able to use any substitutions that XtResolvePathname understands
   in the value of XBMLANGPATH.

o  Motif acts strangely when it comes to Compound Strings set through
   a resource file. In particular, Motif completely neglects the
   locale setting when converting a text string from a resource file
   into a Compound String. On the other hand, it depends solely on the
   value of the fontlist resource for that widget. So if the value of
   the fontlist is -jis-fixed-*-jisx208.1983- and the locale is set to
   german, Motif will treat the text string as a multibyte character
   string and will try to render the string in the japanese font
   taking 2bytes per character and neglecting the german locale

   There is a mention in the OSF/Motif 1.2 Programmer's guide ( on
   page 11-7 ) regarding the text segment of a compound string being
   treated in two different ways for internationalization: either the
   text being treated as localized or not. However, there is no
   mention of how to place the text in the resource file into one of
   the categories. My guess is that by default, the text is treated as
   not to be localized.

Is there anything special that I have to do to make motif behave the
way it should under Solaris 2.3 for Internationalization. I will
appreciate if some one can help me here.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Anupam Chandra


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We have a rather annoying problem with some programs on our Sparcstation
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