SUN Garbage Collector Messes Up Memory Allocated in SubThreads?

SUN Garbage Collector Messes Up Memory Allocated in SubThreads?

Post by Va » Sun, 02 Dec 2001 08:48:19

Could Garbage Collect feature (in SUN CC 5.0) mess up message
allocated in sub-threads when subthreads terminated?

I have a main thread (X application - Solaris 2.5.1) that communicates
with sub-threads using pipe.  Subthread(s) creates a string then
passes its pointer to the main thread.  However, the string seems
corrupted when the program is compiled with garbage collector enable
(eg. -ldl -lgc).  It works OK without garbage collector.

What is the cause and how to correct/avoid it?



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Hi everybody,

I need that several independent processes share the

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Thanks a lot.

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