Screwed up tar tape

Screwed up tar tape

Post by Tom Burk » Sat, 06 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hey there...

We have a problem, here in that a professor backed up something on top of a tape that was a
backup of something he wanted to keep, & this is the only place for it...

We don't believe that he overwrote very much of the tape, maybe just the first couple of
blocks...  We want to try to recover as much as possible of the tar file which was overwritten by
the new tar file...  Obviously, we can't recover what was overwritten, but maybe we can recover
the rest.   Does anyone know how to do this, or of a utility for doing this kind of thing?  Any
help would be appreciated..

Thank you,

        Tom Burke
        Dept. of Electrical Engineering
        Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
        Carbondale, IL 62901


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