SWS - Sun Web Server questions

SWS - Sun Web Server questions

Post by Dax Kelso » Sun, 22 Jun 1997 04:00:00

For those who don't know yet, Sun has released a FREE fully feature rich
web server optimized for Solaris (sparc, or x86).


As you may or may not know SWS supports delegated ACLs along the same
lines as the Apache .htaccess files.  Probably for performance reasons
Sun has chosen to not "encrypt", but rather "encode" the
username:password flat text file (the user databases referred to in
SWS's equiv to .htaccess files) with BASE64.

Sun has provided a binary "htpasswd" which simply will add
user:password  pairs to a database (which is simply a flat text file).

What I would like is a "dbmanage" like utility that supports: add,
delete, view.  Has anyone wrote such a utility (perl,c, etc)?

I'm about to write one in Perl using the "MIME" module ala:


use MIME::Base64;
$encoded = encode_base64('Aladdin:open sesame');
$decoded = decode_base64($encoded);

I just don't want to reinvent the wheel if it already has been done.

Dax Kelson
Internet Connect, Inc.