BSM question

BSM question

Post by jpp » Thu, 10 May 2001 22:35:08


I am currently experimenting BSM on a Solaris workstation, and more
precisely, I am trying to write a program to manipulate a BSM audit
file (it can be seen as a "praudit"-like program).  

Therefore, I am looking for functions which read a BSM file, and fill
some BSM structures defined in the header file "bsm_record.h"

In the header file "libbsm.h" installed on my machine (a Sun SPARC with
Solaris 2.7), one can find :



| /*
|  * Functions that do I/O for audit files
|  */
| #ifdef  __STDC__
| extern int      au_close(int, int, short);
| extern int      au_open(void);
| extern int      au_write(int, token_t *);
| extern int      au_read_rec(FILE *, char **);
| extern int      au_fetch_tok(au_token_t *, char *, int);
| extern int      au_print_tok(FILE *, au_token_t *, char *, char *, char *,

The first three functions ("au_close", "au_open", "au_write") are documented
in the man pages, but do not correspond to my needs

On the opposite, I cannot find any information about the three others,
and I have the feeling they correspond to what I am looking for
(especially "au_read_rec" and "au_fetch_tok").

I have tried to "discover" what is done by these functions by implementing a
program which used these functions. When compiling this program, the linker
an "undefined symbol" error. Indeed, executing "nm" on "libbsm.a" shows that
is no symbol corresponding to these functions

Can anybody here give me some more information about these functions ? Are they
implemented ?

If I'm in the wrong way, can you give me some references to the well-suited
documentation ??

Thanks in advance



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