EMC data manager (volume problems)

EMC data manager (volume problems)

Post by Patrick Tull » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I don't know if this would be the best newsgroup to ask this question
(if you know better please let me know),
but has anyone here ever used EMC's data manager software.  I am
implimenting staging with a sparc20 (solaris 2.5.1) and an HP SureStore
Staging seems to work fine and all, but i can't seem to find anywhere in
the documentation on how to relable or deallowcate (set allowcated state
to available state) a volume.  Eventhough i removed the template and
trail, the volume still seems to be allowcated to a template that
doesn't exist.  'emchvol' command doesn't seem to do anything to the
state of the volume and thats the only thing i found that remotely had
anything to do with changing a volumes state.  I tried EMC's website
(which is completely useless as far as support goes) and i don't have a
contract #.  If any one knows anything about this or can redirect me
somewhere it would be greatly appreciated.



1. veritas volume manager on EMC Clarion

Dear group,

We are in the process of migrating our SAN platform to EMC Clarion
Currently we have Veritas Volume Manager installed, but since our data
volumes are quite stable it seems that we can drop Veritas VM and
perform the same operations with EMC native software.

For example Pwerpath can be used instead of vxdmp and hot swapping of
the box will be used instead of Veritas hotspares. Initial volumes
will be created large enough so no volume resizing may be needed in
the near future.

Can anybody share his experiences/best practices whether it is secure
to continue without Veritas VM on EMC Clarion and what added value can
Veritas VM bring to a stable SAN environment?

Thanks in advance,


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