prompted password when I rsh locally

prompted password when I rsh locally

Post by mr_potato_h.. » Wed, 10 May 2000 04:00:00

        I have a few problems but I think they are all related.  I just setup a
new machine running solaris 2.6.  This machine is part of my NIS and is
setup just like the other 60 or so Sun servers I have.  As "root" on my
new machine I cannot rcp from any other machine.  I get the response
"rcp: protocol screwup: mtime.sec not delimited".  I can even do a local
"rsh" followed by the hostname without being prompted for a password.  I
then deleted the "root"'s ".cshrc" and now I'm getting "permission
denied" on the "rcp".  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance...

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Does anyone know how to remove the user=B4s password prompt when doing rs=
and rexec?. I=B4m trying to rsh and rexec from a Windows NT 3.51 machine
to a Solaris 2.5 x86 with TCP/Wrappers (from Internet Gateway for
Solaris). I=B4m able to deactivate the wrappers but I still can=B4t rsh a=
rexec without the password prompt.

Thank you very much.

Pablo Groberman
Rosario - Argentina

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