Refernced Symbol Not Found

Refernced Symbol Not Found

Post by Tim Nichol » Fri, 04 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I'm compiling in a Solaris 2.6 environment creating a shared library.  In
the process of linking, I'm pulling in what should be 2.5 static libraries.
The link creates the .so file with no complaints.

Runtime, however, is a different story ( a short story ).  The process is
killed because strcpy (of all things) is not found.

I've been poring over the site and have been finding all sorts
of nifty commands to display segments and headers and tables and the like,
but it's not getting me any closer to a solution.

My make file tells the linker -G and I have all the usual suspects ( I
believe ) for the -l parms (c, m, nsl, socket, gen, dl, mp - of course, only
the c library is the one we're really concerned about here anyway).

How can I tell from dump which occurrence of strcpy is not getting relocated
Any better methods for tracking down this issue?
Are there any other gotchas that I'm not aware of being a Windows guy in the
first place!?

Thanks so much...

Tim Nichols
LoadRunner Trainer/Consultant
CorTechs, Inc


Tim Nichols
LoadRunner Trainer/Consultant
CorTechs, Inc


1. Problem with Apache + PHP4 DSO : symbol __muldi3: referenced symbol not found


I successfully installed apche+php on Linux, but I can do the same

thing on a Solaris 2.6. In fact it works on Solaris in static mode, but

in DSO apache mode (and I really need it).

Each time I try to launch my Apache, I obtain the following error :

"Cannot load /usr/apachephp/libexec/ into server:

/usr/apachephp/bin/httpd: fatal: relocation error: file
/usr/apachephp/libexec/ symbol __muldi3: referenced symbol
not found"

I read lots of articles about this error in newsgroup, etc. but with no

I builded my Apache with the following comand line :

"./configure --prefix= /usr/apachephp --enable-module=so
--enable-rule=SHARED_CORE; make; make install"

I builded my Php module with the following command line :

"./configure --with-apxs=/usr/apachephp/bin/apxs; make; make install"

I don't know if there is a link with the DB Berkeley library, but they

a solution to solve this kind of problem :

So I rebuilded my DB Berkeley library, I rebuilded apache,

and I rebuilded php with the option --with-db3, but without success.

Anybody had this problem (and most important, solved it :-) )


Sebastien Brault.

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