Using 3com 3c595 Fast EtherLink PCI 10/100 Card

Using 3com 3c595 Fast EtherLink PCI 10/100 Card

Post by Chris Verzull » Fri, 22 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know if you can use the 3com 3c595 PCI fast ehterlink card
Solaris x86 V2.5, if so where can I get the drivers?



1. 3Com Fast EtherLink 10/100 MB BusMAster PCI Ethernet Adapter


 Has anyone gotten the 3COM Fast Etherlink 10/100mb BusMaster PCI Ehternet
Adapter to work with RedHat 5.2 or another distribution of Linux ?

 If so what drvier did you use ? I'd like to use this card if possible instead
of buying another one.

 Please let me know.


 Chris De Chiara


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