Endeavor II MB and Solaris x86 2.5

Endeavor II MB and Solaris x86 2.5

Post by Rick Geymon » Sun, 11 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Any known incompatablities?

After insalling the OS, I get a login prompt.

I type in root, and it hangs before asking for the password...

Very frustrating indeed!


1. 2.5 support for Toshiba 4X ATAPI(EIDE) and Intel Endeavor MB

My PC has
1. Intel Endeavor (EV2) Mother board
2. Toshiba 4X (5302?) ATAPI/EIDE CDROM drive

Both of these are support in Solaris 2.4/X86.
Now I received Solaris 2.5/X86. I want to use this new, (improved?)
version but when I looked at Hardware compatibility list support for
both of these are missing.
Does sun have any plan to release Driver Updates for Solaris 2.5/X86
with support for these in near future?


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