x86: Boot disk change

x86: Boot disk change

Post by Eugene Firyag » Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I think that this subj was discussed and answered million times, however...

I have installed Solaris7_x86 boot/root filesystem on IDE disk.
Now I have SCSI disk attached to the system and I would like to make this
SCSI disk as the bootable device containing root filesystem.

1. How to perform this operation correctly.
2. How to unmount the IDE disk "forever" after root filesystem migration so
the OS "will not be looking" for this device during future restarts -- in
another words: how to detach this unused device from kernel.

Your ideas/suggestions/links are cordially appreciated.



1. Starts x86 boot from AHA2940UW disk then says no boot disk

I replaced an AHA1542 card with an AHA2940UW card in a pc.

During boot, the pc loads the master boot record (MBR) from SCSI
disk 0, it in turn starts the Solaris boot process, which
then falls into auto configuration because Solaris can not
find bootable disk.

I suspect that Solaris places /devices/*isa* info into the
MBR and somehow I need to replace that info with /devices/*pci*
to recognize the new card.

I'll probably temporarily install both cards and connect
disk 0 to the AHA2940UW. That way, I bet Solaris will find /devices/*isa*
and become happy enough to continue the boot. Then a "b -r" should
install the necessary /devices/*pci*, after which, I should be able
to remove the AHA1542. One more "b -r" and the AHA1542 should be

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