Wanted: Solaris SLIP S/W that accepts a dynamic address from a terminal server

Wanted: Solaris SLIP S/W that accepts a dynamic address from a terminal server

Post by da.. » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 21:56:09

I am looking for Solaris SLIP software that will
accept a dynamically assigned IP address from a terminal
server.  Any sugestions?

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On our campus we dial in from home and make a PPP connection through a terminal
server.  I can use this to telnet into my SCO box in my office.  But to
use X windows on that machine, I need to set my DISPLAY variable to my
home computer.  However, to do so I need the IP address.  The rub is that
the IP address is assigned dynamically each time I phone in.  So, short
of writing it down and manually entering it every time I connect, is there
an easy way to find out the IP address and stick it in the DISPLAY variable.
Even better, a way to tell PPP my internet address and dynamically update
the DNS on the SCO box to tell it, for example, that zippy.cpl.uri.edu
now has IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx?

Thanks for your help.

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