Help to configure print service with Sol 2.3

Help to configure print service with Sol 2.3

Post by Emmanuel GUY » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm using Solaris 2.3, and I'm trying to install a HP printer
deskjet 1600CM.

I'm using PC-NFS 5.1 on my PC and I want to print some Help
page from it.
I have the following problem. This version of PCNFS include
space and quotation mark (") in the print header, but it seems
that my Solaris configuration of the print service can't deal
with such a thing. So it consider that part of the title stands
for the other options (Number of copies, files name) : As a
conclusion nothing is printed out.

Is it Possible to configure the print services in order to
correctly handle such a title ?

Thanks in advance.



1. Sol 2.3 to Sol 2.3 5/94 UPGRADE ?


Having a Sun 4 system running Solaris 2.3, I wondered
if one can do an upgrade to Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94.

After setting up an install_server, booting and answering the
required questions the install program offered me an "Upgrade"
Naturally I choose this one. But,....  the system doesn't actually
do an upgrade,... It only added SUNWbmac and SUNWaud... (or something
close to that)

Someone said:

Q. Is an "Upgrade" from Solaris 1.x/2.x to Solaris 2.3 Edition II

 A. No.  Since Solaris 2.3 Edition II is a new, platform-specific release
 for the new SPARCstation 5, SPARCserver 5, and SPARCstation
    Voyager(TM) machines, there should be no need for "upgrades".

How should we interpret this ?

(Mind !!! If I remember correctly Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94
is actually Edition III  Yes..3)

Is there an upgrade possible, but only from 2.2 to 2.3 (5/94) ?

The question that follows out the previous is ofcourse:
If you want to upgrade a system from the normal Solaris 2.3
(not Solaris 2.3 5/94) to Solaris 2.3 5/94, do you only have to install
the Maintenance Supplement CD ?

I'm puzzled and I guess I'm not the only one.

Any comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Robert Jansen
Computer Center VUB/ULB
Belgium (Europe)

Tel:  +32-2-650.37.29
Secr: +32-2-650.37.38
Fax:  +32-2-650.37.40

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