Works !

Works !

Post by Udo Grabowsk » Wed, 30 Apr 2003 03:58:48

But I don't know exactly why :-(  Mkdir software did not help at all. The one
thing I did was issuing an 'umount /xxx/Processor/Profile' at different
occasions (it usually denied this with 'busy'), but suddenly this request
was honoured. Then I removed the directory /xxx/Procesor/software to
recreate it (hoping that something would change), but it eventually did
not let me recreating, instead did it for itself in the few seconds
between my actions (this is what I have seen in the past and expected to happen
here too) ! It seems that somehow the mount on Profiles locked the autofs
to mount software, and the unmount released that lock. I can still descend
into Profiles, and both directories contain what they should :-)

We use -O (overlay on active mount point) because we regularily get all kinds
of strange errors (especially of the kind I experienced here) if we don't
do this. It's still not clear where the heart of all our trouble is hidden.
Seems that all this indirect mounting stuff is still not stable for easy usage.

Thank you, Gavin, for the additional information !


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