SUMMARY NIS clients with NIS+ server

SUMMARY NIS clients with NIS+ server

Post by Gyula Szoko » Thu, 04 Nov 1993 07:48:19

 A bit mor ethan a week ago I asked the community how to set up a NIS
client (in my case a Sun-3) with an NIS+ server. I got one (1) response but
that put me on the track:
I just installed patch 101022-05 and now my sunos machine
boots successfully as an nis client of our solaris2.2 machine.

        If a NIS+ server running in NIS compat mode does not respond
        immediately to a NIS version2 call, the 4.X clients fail over to NIS
        version 1 and then never switches back to version 2. As the rpc.nisd
        only supports NIS V2 protocol the client process will hang even when
        rpc.nisd comes up later.


  I did the same and -- voila -- It works. I had only one gotcha: the
automounter did not want to work. I copied the auto.master map into the
/etc directory and started the automount with the -f /etc/auto.master
option. Works like a charm. Probably this minor problem is easy to solve
but since I've never changed the auto.master map (only the auto.home),
I don't want to invest more work. One more (important) point: if I start
the rpc.nisd under solaris with the -YB (NOT -Y!) option, it will give me
the (old) DNS support, too (i.e. I don't have to hack with the SunOS
brain damaged name resolution idea). This is ONLY described in the .README
file of the patch (the man page is not changed to show the change). Using
this option I'll get an additional rpc.nisd_* process.

Thanks Ron,



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I'v found some very old message about this problem in this group, but
there was no solution.

I' ve set up a NIS server on a Linux machine ( ubuntu 5.01)
following this howto

everything seems to be ok
my sun machine is binded to ypserv on linux

inv09748 ( my linux nis server)


but when i try to log with cao8 => " incorrect login"

i can only log with root

loggued with root in can do :
su - cao8
and it works fine

so ... if someone can help, i will be very gracefull

(sorry for my english, i'm french)

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