Controlling Xerox document centre 400

Controlling Xerox document centre 400

Post by quek » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:30:07


Has anyone ever tried to control a xerox document centre 400? Note
that the 400 is not a typing error, I think this model is more common
in the Asia pacific than in the States. I can set it up using lpadmin
and then print A4, that is fine. But that means that I am losing out
on the multi-tray functions that it has. So, I tried all sorts of
software to do the controlling.  First I tried Centreware, but I can't
find the driver for it. Next, I got something called "ufilter" from
the xerox people, all things seems to point to this as the ONLY
solution but I simply cannot get it to work??!!!  Please advice.

If anyone is interested to take a look at Ufilter, you can download it
at :

Just search for "document centre 400" and "all operating system"

Thanks.  Will really appreciate any help given.


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