Moving OS to new x86 computer

Moving OS to new x86 computer

Post by Dipesh Hinduj » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 05:48:57

Ok, I built a Solaris 8 system on a rather cheap and weak x86
system.  Started testing things, learning, and finding out what I could
use it for.  Now the system is very important and provides services to
all my users everyday.  Basically it grew up but now it is too big for
it's clothes.  Is there an elegant way to move just the hard disk maybe
from one PC to a far more powerful x86 server?  Or is Solaris able to be
cloned?  What kind of hardware configuration steps would it take to do

Thanks for your help.



Moving OS to new x86 computer

Post by John D Groenve » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 10:23:13
As the FAQ says, its possible but not easy.


1. Moving BSD hard disk to a new computer

The computer that I was running my FreeBSD went belly up so I took its IDE
harddisk(the only disk) and put it in a differnt computer.

Now when I start this computer, I get a prompt:


I typed ufs:/dev/ad0s1a

and then I get a bunch of error messages as follow:

Warning:  / was not properly dismounted
swapon:  /dev/ad4s1b: Device not configured
Can't opeen /dev/ad4s1a: Device not configured
/dev/ad4s1a: Can't check file system
/dev/ad4s1a: UNEXPETED INCONSISTENCY:  RUN fsck Manually
Automatic file system check failed .. help!
Enter full path name of shell or return for /bin/sh

As you can see unlike the past I've not been given the username and

Any help will be appreciated.


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