Porting the Pixrect Library

Porting the Pixrect Library

Post by Con Ne » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 14:41:42

Hi there netters,
        We are now in the process of porting our graphics application that
was running under Sunview on SunOS 4.1.2 to Openwindows under Solaris 2.2.
The application was using Sun's Pixrect Library to handle most of the image
operations such as ropping and stenciling and repl ropping. To date we have
been unable to find the equivalent type operations under Openwindows.

        Has anyone out come across this problem while porting? Has anyone
out there come up with some sort of compatability library for the Pixrects?
With Sunview we can use the Xview toolkit which provides a good interface
to Xlib but there is no support for Pixrects. Xlib does some of the job but
we cannot afford to keep creating Pixmaps in order to render using Xlib. Our
other major concern is that we have literally tens of thousands of pixrects
which would take us months to convert to any new form.

        If anyone can help please drop me some e-mail or post to this group.
If there is sufficient replies, I will summarise and post to the net. With
all the applications written for Sunview and Sun Workstations, there must be
many other developers in the same predicament as us.

        Thanks in advance to all who reply.

Con Neri


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Porting the Pixrect Library

Post by Andy Fel » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 01:32:39

>    Has anyone out come across this problem while porting? Has anyone
>out there come up with some sort of compatability library for the Pixrects?

try Jef Poskanzer's port of the pixrect library on ftp.netcom.com in
/pub/jef   I've used it for a few things and it works fine on one of
my systems (but is currently failing on another - I haven't had time
to find out why yet).

Good luck!

Andy Feldt
System Support Programmer
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Oklahoma


1. SunOS 5.X alternatives to pixrect Library?

         As far as I can tell the pixrect libraries are gone in
SunOS 5.X. How is one supposed to access framebuffers at a low
level? (Please don't remind me of the party line that one is
not supposed to do this.)
        The situation is that we have a digital image processor
(Datacube) on a Sun VME bus. The image processor has a number of
framebuffers. We used to just mmap this in and use the pixrect
functions to perform basic operations (I/O, rops, line graphics,
text, ...).
        Are there alternative framebuffer access and manipulation
libraries? Should I consider XIL, XGL, or even X for this? Are these
adaptable to nonSun VME memory mapped framebuffers? (I imagine X is
with lots of effort ... though I'd be happy to be corrected on this.)

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