Solaris at queues

Solaris at queues

Post by Michael Wea » Wed, 29 Mar 1995 14:14:27


Using 'atq' under SunOS 4.x, if no user name was specified, the entire queue is
displayed for all users. However under SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x), the entire queue
is displayed only if the invoker is a privileged user. That is the user can only
see their own jobs.

We used to use this functionality (under 4.x) to allow anybody to determine where
their job may be on the queue, and also for applications administrators to debug
when jobs are being submitted from their apps.

I know the question is addressing a functional issue and not a bug, but has
anybody else addressed these problems. I haven't tried but I don't want to
do things like setuid root on /bin/atq.

Any thoughts.



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