LX panic bug? fix?

LX panic bug? fix?

Post by Anthony Veale » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00


We are having a problem with a SparcStation LX crashing with "panic:
asynchronous memory fault" messages.

I have found some historical information about a bug in SunOS 4
versions, but those postings contained claims that the problem was
fixed in approximately Solaris 2.2.

We are running 2.5.1 unpatched on the machine at the moment and I was
wondering if anyone could refer me to the most recent data, URLs, ftp
sites, old postings.  I just want to be sure that this is NOT a
software issue before I start a service call on the hardware.



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1. panic on SPARCstation LX

Getting periodic 'panic' incidents causing the system to reboot.
Initially the swap space was believed to be the culprit --specially
since the system showed none upon issuing the 'swap -l' command.  After
adding about 100Mb of swap space, the incidents still occur.

The message in /var/adm/message is:

        "recursive mutex_enter. mutex fc0596b0 caller fc1b6fc0"

The incident has occurred while a zmodem (rz) retrieve is in progress.
It is not known wheter this is alway the case.

The rz macro is from Omen Technologies and it is version 3.07 and runs
under kermit 5A(190) for Solaris 2.x.

Any input on this would be appreciated.

Lauro Teran

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