Solaris Study Guide Questions

Solaris Study Guide Questions

Post by Ryan Schuerma » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know if Sun makes their Study Guides for the Certification
Tests available for the x86? If not what a good, basic system requirements
to run them? IPC? Sparc 1? If I can't get the Guides for my PC then I'll
have to buy a Sparc,and I know little about the hardware aspect of the
sparc architechure.




1. FS: Solaris certification study guides and courseware + Exam questions

This courseware CD will prepare you for your Solaris 8.0 certification
exams. It includes:

Courseware books:
            1.    Sun System Administration I Course book   SA-238
            2.    Sun System Administration II Course book  SA-288
            3.    Sun TCP/IP Network Administration book  SA-389

BONUS: Sun Solaris 8.0 CBT for Administration I and II
               Exam questions for all three exams
               Brain dumps and other Solaris resources

Why pay $5000 to attend official courses when you can get this one self

order. Thanks and good luck studying.
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