Alter "stty erase" provided by telnet login???

Alter "stty erase" provided by telnet login???

Post by David Zep » Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Solaris 2.5.1

I would like the login provided by telnet to have "erase" set to ^H
rather than ^?

I achieved this on my term/a using /etc/ttydefs.  However telnet logins
obviously don't use the same entries.  I have inetd running standalone
ie. inetd -s  .  Does this mean that inetd isn't running under the
control of SAF and therefore behaves differently than the ttymon that is
running under SAF.  Any tips on how to do this would be much

David Zepp


1. Change "stty erase ^?" for "stty erase ^H"


I have Red Hat Linux 7.0 on i386. I have a spanish keyboard. The
special character "erase" is "^?" by default on my system, but when I
connect to remote
machines I need that erase = "^H", so, I want that whem my system
start, it get
erase = "^H" by default. How can I do it ?

Thanks in advance, Jose Luis.

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