Buffer overrun with modem over 9600

Buffer overrun with modem over 9600

Post by Mark K Ha » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I keep getting "WARNING: se0:  Buffer overrun" when setting the serial
port to a speed greater than 9600.  I'm setting it for dial in only and
when I try to connect this message is displayed on the console.  I can
connect just fine at 9600.

Any documentation I've seen on Sun's web site has the word "None" after
"Work Around".  Does anyone know how I can get greater than 9600 without
getting the overrun???

I have a E450 with 2.6 and a MultiModem MT5600ZDX attached.  It's a 56k
modem supporting v.90



1. Modem limited to 9600 under Slackware 7.0

After upgrading from RedHat 5.2 to Slackware 7.0,
I had problems connecting to my ISP. I checked
that the connection still worked under Windows,
and it did, so there are no hardware problems. I
installed minicom and ran through the connection
procedure. Everything went OK until the modem
connected to the remote computer. Instead of
seeing CONNECT as I expected, I got garbage on the
screen, something like


followed by a longer burst of similar-looking
garbage. I guessed that these were the connect
string and ISP login string in some form, so I
played around with the parity and speed settings
for the serial port. Eventually I managed to make
sense of the messages by limiting the speed of the
serial port to 9600 bps. Anything above that and I
get garbage (but always the same garbage, it's not
line noise).

PPP works fine at 9600, but it's a little slow. :)

My serial port has a 16550A UART. I'm using a
2.2.13 kernel compiled with egcs. The modem is a
Supra 28.8 fax/modem. Any ideas as to why I can't
get better than 9600 bps out of it? Something
missing from the init string?

Please reply by email to

don't have regular news access. Thanks in advance,

Michael Rogers

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