Netscape Collabra 3.01 on Solaris 2.6 doesn't work

Netscape Collabra 3.01 on Solaris 2.6 doesn't work

Post by Scott Kah » Sat, 03 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Anyone else tried to use Collabra 3.01 on Solaris 2.6. It seems to
install fine, but clients can never access the newsgroups. Netscape says
they don't support 2.6 yet for Collabra...

Any tips/ideas would be great.



1. problems with collabra 3.01 on solaris 2.6 ?

I have installed Netscape collabra server 3.01(Sun Enterprise Server 450

/solaris 2.6). But I cannot access with a news reader to the server. If
I try so, the following
message is displayed in the nsnews.log file :

[98/09/17 12:53.41] innd:ioctl failed passing fd: errno=122
[98/09/17 12:53.41] innd:IPCsend 1 error sending cmd
[98/09/17 12:53.41] innd:IPCfindbad 1 error
[98/09/17 12:53.41] innd:Restarting nnrpd(1)

[98/09/17 12:53.41] nnrpd(1.387):ioctl failed receiving fd: errno=6
[98/09/17 12:53.41] nnrpd(1.387):error (-1) getting command from innd
[98/09/17 12:53.42] nnrpd(1.1393):I am nnrpd #1

this error is repeated recursively until I'll stop the collabra server
what is the reason for this error ?

netscape support told me, that suitespot 3.0 is not supported for
solaris 2.6.
Now I have a great annoyance with my dealer - he won't update the
For the time i argue with my dealer, I want to run collabra on our

Did anyone know, if it is possible to run Collabra 3.01 on solaris 2.6 ?

Did anyone knows a solution to my problem ?

Where can I find a describtion what this error means ?



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