Solaris 7 Installation Problem

Solaris 7 Installation Problem

Post by trevorc1.. » Mon, 24 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I am trying to install Solaris 7 on a Compaq Presario 7594 machine.
Approximately 4 seconds after I boot the machine with the
Device Configuration Assistant boot diskette, I get the following error
message: "Solaris MDBexec load error".  After this message is displayed,
the booting halts.

Does anyone know "exactly" what could be causing this problem?  If so,
do you know the solution to correcting the problem?

If possible, would you respond to my personal email address with the

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and respond to this

Trevor C.

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1. NIS Installation problem on Solaris 2.7

I am trying to set up a NIS server on my Solaris 2.7 server (Sun 250)
According to the Sunsolve CD article 12000 3.1I should do the
following thing first :

# cp /usr/lib/NIS.Makefile /var/yp/Makefile

That's my problem, I don't have a file /usr/lib/NIS.Makefile.
In 2.5 they say : (and I quote..)
"Note that Solaris NSKit or Solaris 2.6 does not include an original
Makefile in /usr/lib."
My question is :
Can anyone give me an example of this file -or- where can I find this
file ?
Thanks in advance.

Filip Verborgh

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