SLIP for solaris 2.2 or 2.3?

SLIP for solaris 2.2 or 2.3?

Post by that smel » Sat, 25 Dec 1993 17:55:13

Does anyone know of a version of SLIP for solaris 2.x?  Is there one
available for FTP somewhere on the net?  Thanks in advance!

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1. SLIP for Solaris 2.3: slip-solaris-3

I have been trying to use Bruce Orchard's slip-solaris-3 to make slip
connections from my Solaris 2.3 system.  So far I have been
unsuccessful, and wonder if anyone can help.

I tip into my slip server, which delivers the appropriate Internet
addresses (in dotted form).  Then I run slip-attach with these
addresses, and this completes fine.  But pinging the server then
fails, as does everything else.  The modem lights indicate that I am
sending out packets to the server, but I am not getting anything back.
Any pointers?

Two notes:
1) In a recent article by Jason Davis on PPP (Id no longer available),
he writes that for PPP it is necessary to tell the network how to
route packets back to the remote client using arp.  Perhaps the same
problem arises with SLIP?  If so, what kind of object is required for
the first argument in:
        arp -s ???? "Ethernet address of client" -pub
It doesn't accept the dotted Internet addresses delivered by the
server, but what else could there be?  Perhaps this is a blind alley.

2) In the slip dox, it states that the modem must not follow DTR
(AT&D0).  If your modem is set to do this, then the tip process grabs
the CPU and drives the load through the roof.  Killing tip returns
normality, but closes the modem connection.  I mention this, since I
wrestled with this for the longest time, and figure that there is
little reason for anyone else to.

Any help greatly appreciated -- Dave
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