Solaris 2.3 serial port config question

Solaris 2.3 serial port config question

Post by ieee.. » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 03:34:52

I am trying to configure a Sparc 10/40 which has a GNP s-bus serial port
expander. I am configuring the 32 serial ports using the admintool utility
in Solaris 2.3.

We hope to connect Wyse-60 Terminals to the serial ports. What is the best
configuration for them (eg: Bi-directional, software carrier, etc.)

Also, I noticed that the Login Prompt takes several seconds to appear on the
screen after you turn the terminal on.

Is there a difference between the port monitors zsmon and ttymon.

Thanks in advance,


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under on the SS20 when I put on 2.3.
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Any hints?  Have the ioctls changed on Solaris?



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