how to make ppp connection in solaris2.4

how to make ppp connection in solaris2.4

Post by Rainny li » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Now I have successfully dailed up by using the command "tip" in SPARC
5.(i.e. ttyb has configed right).But I don't know how to make a ppp
connection to my isp.And whether the LAN in which SPARC 5 could use this
ppp connection dailing up or not?

please sendmail to me.


1. RH5.1 PPP connection: PPP connection persists, telnet session times out

Ever since I installed RH 5.1 when I connect to an NT Server modem
port and authenticate with PAP/CHAP the physical line connection stays
up as before (5.0) but any telnet session to Unix machines on the same
network time out on inactivity in predictably 2 minutes and 10
seconds.  Since I had no such problems prior to 5.1 I'm wondering why
this is a different animal.  Also it does not help to ping the same
server on a 10 second interval -- the ping keeps on going but again
any telnet session times out.

Would be glad to supply any additional info.  I realize that this is
pretty sketchy but I'm not sure what sort of info would assist.

Kurt Berg

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