SUN Site/Net/Domain Manager

SUN Site/Net/Domain Manager

Post by drtcmo.. » Sat, 12 Aug 2000 04:00:00

We have installed SUN Site Manager in our Enterprise Server 450 under
solaris 2.6 .Under IP discover tools in Monitor Configuration it is
mandatory to specify the start and stop dates.Here it does not accept
4 digits for the year eg. 05/08/2000 and 09/08/2000 for start and stop
year giving error message "Invalid start date". Nor does it accept 2
digits for year saying that "Monitor is not started"."Start hour
is not with in start-stop range (although the time is specified
correctly.  Can anybody help ?

10th August 2000

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1. question about Sun Solstice Site/SunNet/Domain Manager.

I know little about this software. Can someone give me help?
- Can it get information from client running onWinNT or HP-UX?
  Do I need to do something on those kinds of client? such as install some
application or change some configuration?
- I have installed agent software on one workstation, but when I want to
setup some request, I always get "Can not creat RPC client : program is not
registered." I don't know how to register that. Do I need license for every
- I want to use Site Manager to audit all the servers in my lab, if there's
any abnormal things happen, I can be informed immediately. Can anyone give
some suggestion on what MIB or what agent schema  should I use.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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