Wanted: pop3d for Solaris

Wanted: pop3d for Solaris

Post by Paul Southwor » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 22:14:47

>>I'm looking for pop3d (Post Office Version 3) for Solaris.
>>Can anybody help me?

>I have a note I wrote to myself that says:

>From ftp.uci.edu in pub/popper.

There are several POP[23] packages that are more recent than the vanilla
"popper" package.

One is "qpop" which is the popper package modified and maintained by
Qualcomm, makers of Eudora.  Ftp to


Sources are available, as are binaries for both SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.x.

The other POP[23] server kit still maintained is kept in the Washington
IMAP distribution (and in Pine 3.90).  These are code fragments linked with
the IMAP c-client library to create both pop2 and pop3 servers.


Paul Southworth
CICNet Systems Support


1. pop3d server software for Solaris 2.3

Having set my SunSPARC 10 up as a mail server, Apple Macs in our
organization can quite easily queue mail to send out. However, to be able
to read email pop3 must be running on the Solaris 2.3 server.

I have managed to get a Linux version of pop3d compiled and running on the
server through dynamic linking of the ucblibs. However, the Apple Macs
cannot read as an error appears on them :

ld.so.1 : ... fatal libucb.so.1 : cannot open file

I know that this sort of error message on the Sun can be solved by setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (which I do) but the Macs connection cannot cope. How can I
solve this problem ? LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to include /usr/ucblib for root
in /.login but makes no difference. It is also set accordingly for each Mac
user, in their .cshrc, who basically log into their equivalent account on
the server to send (and read) mail.

Or, is there a Solaris 2.* version of pop3d kicking about ?

Any help would be most appreciated.


 Knowledge Engineer,
 Pindar Infotek,
 Newlands Park Drive,
 North Yorkshire,

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