Help: Mail server down

Help: Mail server down

Post by Imre Kolo » Sat, 08 May 1999 04:00:00

>  Mails to the '' server are getting spooled up on ''
> and causing filesystem full errors. Is there anyway I can redirect these
> incoming messages to '/dev/null' or bounce them back to sender immediately?

Perhaps you could try to set the T option to something small in
(supposing you use sendmail) temporarily, for example:

# return queued mail after this long

This way messages time out in 3 hours, bounce back thus free up the spool.



1. How to setup a secondary mail server in case the first one goes down?


We are running an old version sendmail and primary DNS server on Sun
OS 4.1.x. We are going to switch ISP, which force us to change IPs of
this SunOS 4.1.x. We have already connected with our new ISP, while
still mainting connection with old ISP for another  two weeks.. We are
going to change the IPs next week.

There will be a short period that some one will use old IPs to send
e-mail to us due to the DNS cache somewhere. But we want smooth
transition so that no mail gets lost or bounced back to the sender.
What is our best, simple option to achieve this? We have SunOS,
Solaris 2.5 -2.6, Win NT 4.0 and 95 machines.

One option to us seems to be, before we change all machine IP address,
we set up one NT machine to run Exchange Server and to be our
secondary mail server and it is using a new IP address from our new
ISP. We will push our information to let the world know this is our
secondary mail server and in case the first one failed, mail should be
deliver to it. Then after two days, we are going to change all machine
IPs address.

Here I am not sure how could we let world know this machine will be
our secondary mail server? through our DNS server or

Should we change our IPs first, then tell internic about the new IP
for our priamry and secondary DNS server? or the other way around?



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