using cron to automate tip - possible?

using cron to automate tip - possible?

Post by Frank da Cr » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

: Is there an issue in using a script to automate tip commands from cron?  I've
: got a shell script, a Perl script and an Expect script that uses tip to dial
: some remote machine and do some data collection.  When I run it interactivley
: everything goes OK, but when I run it from cron, absolutley nothing happens.
: I can my process it when I do a ps but eventually my scripts time out and
: quit. The modem never dials and the error log reports an error that is one
: that I do not generate myself (255).
Instead of using tip use C-Kermit, which is designed to
be automated and includes an easy-to-learn-and-use scripting language:

Kermit scripts can be entirely self-contained -- no need for Perl or Expect --
and they are portable across hundreds of platforms, Unix and non-Unix alike,
on both serial and network connections.  Both the scripting and the
communications functions are built-in and intrinsic.

- Frank


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I've got some scripts I've put together that totally automate the
backup of my SunOS 4 system.  I can run them at the command line
before I leave for the day (blah) or better, I can put them into the
crontab file...

My ideal backup scheme is as follows:

 - First day of each month / Level 0
 - Every sunday / Level 5
 - Every other day in month / Level 8

 - Occaisonal paranoia backup / level 9

I try to center the backup times at the most quiet times at night...
So the level 0 starts late evening, while the level 8 need not begin
until about 2 the next morning.

Right now, there is a different script for each backup level, because
the need for a more intense backup scheme came slowly.  But what
happens now is on Sunday the level 5 starts and finishes just fine,
then the level 8 writes over the same backup...

Is there a way to have cron EXclude certain days from a range?  Or
perhaps even better, is there a better script out there that can take
care of the above scheme?

If I can clear up any details that appear vague, please let me know...


Ed Paquette

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