Tatung U10R Ultra 10 Sun Sparc Clone - $700

1. Clone Sun Ultra IIi boxes better than Ultra 5/10?

I really don't understand all this: Sun Microelectronics makes the AX
system boards utilizing the Ultra IIi CPUs, with Ultra-Wide SCSI,
10/100 MB ethernet, up to 1G RAM support, 512k cache, 2MB on board
VRAM and many goodies built-in, but Sun doesn't sell boxes based on
the AX system boards!

Instead, it sells these Ultra 5/10 boxes with silly EIDE drives!

However, many Sun clone makers, utilizing "SUN" system boards,
are making all Ultra IIi based systems (300 Mhz to start), and
some even come in the familar Pizza box (used by SS5/20s) and still
holding two internal HDs (SCSI UW).

Why is Sun doing this?  I like real Sun machines, and have seen
how well Sun does its services/warranties (never disappointed so
far), but the Ultra 5/10 just turn me off.  I am really looking
at these clones closely these days.

Any comments from Suners?


Chin Fang

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