Solaris 2.4 cdio(7) functions (HELP PLEASE!)

Solaris 2.4 cdio(7) functions (HELP PLEASE!)

Post by Merens Decasp » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 22:00:34



I'm developing an Audio-CD tool using Solaris 2.4 (!) and am using the new
cdio (<sys/cdio.h>) commands supporting the CD-DA (digital audio).

I've tried my best to solve the following problems but without success.

1) There is an ioctl() command called CDROMCDDA that returns CD-DA data or
   subcode data. The third argument of this ioctl() function is a pointer
   to the type "stuct cdrom_cdda". This struct has a field called "cdda_addr"
   containing the an unsigned int for the start address of the data to be
   read; its value is supplied by the user.

   My question: Which format of address should it be (LBA or MSF)? I've tried
   both, but neither seems to work. I also tried passing pointers to
   variables containing both LBA and MSF start addresses, but this didn't
   work either. So, what should the user supply for the "cdda_addr" field?

2) The two ioctl() functions CDROMREADMODE2 and CDROMREADMODE1 aren't expained
   in the man pages (man cdio). What is the difference between these two modes
   and what do these ioctl() functions do?

Is there anyone out there who can help me?

Many thanks in advance,
merens decasper


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I can compile getstats (with some warning-level messages) but
the link fails with:

        Undefined symbol
        ld:fatal: Symbol referencing error

I gather this indicates the linker cannot locate the
gethostbyaddr and inet_addr routines.  Actually, I cannot locate
them either.  The gethostbyaddr and inet_addr appear to be
functions defined in the getstats source (I'm new to UNIX and to
C) but I don't know what to do about the linker not finding

Has anyone else been able to compile/link getstats for X86?  If
so, any suggestions as to the source of my difficulties (aside
from by ignorance)?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Jim Lewis
University of California, Los Angeles

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