Mathcad under solaris?

Mathcad under solaris?

Post by J Kevin McFadde » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00


This is a two part question.

1) Has anyone been able to get the SunOS version of Mathcad 3.1 to
work under solaris?  Supposedly it works under 2.3.  We are running
solaris 2.5.1.

2) Any idea as to whether wabi 3 will be able to run the 32 bit, win
95 version? Is there a way to beta test this?

We can get mathcad to run on the solaris standalone/server
workstations, but the dataless clients get refused a license.  The
license server is still on a SunOS machine.

Also, the elmd license server isn't responding when run on a dataless
client.  It might work on the standalone/server machine, I haven't yet
tried to bully MathSoft to try it out...

Thanks for any help,

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