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Hi !

in an ancient SparcStation 10, i found (according to show-devs)
two cgeight framebuffers.

One of them is a two-sbus-sized card with connetors like newer ZX (leo)
but there are no SUN-Part numbers on it.
I did not open the pack of two PCBs to see what is printed on the chips,
but from the side view i can read "RasterOps" on one of the bigger
squarish ones.
(and there are lots of Memory Modules standing on ther side).

Using a SUN-Monitor on the 13W3 Connector, i can install Solaris 2.7 BW.
Hacking /etc/dt/config/Xservers, i get truecolor (24 Bit), but this is
really slow
on the 40 MHz 64 MByte SS10 :-(

On this Card, there is a label "4504/10127".
On the PCB, i find "SBC-2B" "94V-0" "45-91" and "P.C.B 0003-0020 REV B2"
On a label on the upper side: "SERIAL # 00403 MDL. 4504"

The other card is single-sized, has a SubD-15-female connector (not the
VGA-high-density one!),
a Label "4510/20120",
two-DIP-Switches and one Jumper,
three Osczillators 14.750 , 12.2727 , 30.2400 MHz
on the underside, a BT473 RAMDAC, two "DAC2400-0002",
a RAsterOps  1990 RGS14188 chip, "P.C.B. 0003-0032 REV. B1".

This Board also claims to be a cgeight.
I cannot test it since i do not know the pinout of the connector,
and the oszillators frequencies seem to not match SUn_monitor Standard.

So does anybody know what this cards are, weather i should use the
default drivers form SUN
or are there any faster driver because the boards have some processing
power inside?

Many THanks for your patience,
any advice may help,

Juergen Marenda.


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How about cgfour -- is it supported?

thanks for your time,

Dwayne Fontenot

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