What kind of hard drive should I get for a sparc 5

What kind of hard drive should I get for a sparc 5

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1. Swapping drives from Sparc 20 to Sparc 5 (boot drives)

This is the situation.  For reasons beyond our control we have lost a
Sparc 20 and are replacing it with a Sparc 5.  We are running Solaris 2.3
with all 'recommended' patches installed.

I need to put the drive from the 20, into the 5.  The OS was installed on
the 20.  On putting the disk into the 5, the following happens:

The system 'seems' to partially boot.  / _seems_ to mount, but as it goes
along, /usr _doesn't_ seem to get mounted.  As a result, it can't find
/usr/sbin/fsck, thus it can't check the filesystems, and reboots.
This tells you that the rc* files are being run, that's why I assume root
is mounted.

The error it gives is something along the lines of '/dev/dsk/c0t1d0s3'
not found.  i.e. it can't find the device/slice.  I've tried booting with
the 'boot -r' option to rebuild /dev and /devices however it can't get that
far, since it can't mount the drives.

I've tried putting the disk into 2 seperate Sparc 5's and the same still
happens.  Right now I've got the important slices on the drive mounted on
a second Sparc 20.  This is temporary and I really need to get the disk
working in a Sparc 5 (booting).

I've got a Sparc 5 right now with a fresh Solaris install.  I can mount
the disk from the Sparc 20 in this system, and mount / and work with it, so
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need to completely transfer all of the data from the drive to my
freshly installed Sparc 5?  Or is there a way to make the original disk
from the Sparc 20 boot in the 5?


- Oliver
  MBNet System Administrator

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