How ro get the phisical network address

How ro get the phisical network address

Post by eb.. » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi, who can tell me how to get the phisical network address in program?

Thank you in advance


1. 2 networkaddress on one physical address managed by the gateway with one phisical interface.

hi all .
We have two networkaddress X.222.222.0/24 and X.222.111.0/24 (both on one phisical network. The gatway has X.222.222.1 and
X.222.111.1 both on one phisical interface managed.
My Server is in the segment X.222.111.0 and has ip X.222.111.202.

routing table:
X.222.111.202       255.255.255 eth0       X.222.111.1     eth0

Sometimes I can see the segment X.222.222.0 and somtimes not.
In the first case I can ping everywhere but the phisical interface of
the gateway X.222.222.1 . From the Gateway i cant ping to my machine
X.222.111.202 .
In the seconde case I cant ping out of the gateway. I can ping the

Other networkcomputer on both segment see everything,  there have been
some linux machine wich had the problem before but never resolved. The
NT machines have no problems and the Sun OS to.

Greets help linux and me pls .....

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