Console lock up with Lantronix Console Server SCS3200

Console lock up with Lantronix Console Server SCS3200

Post by lett.. » Thu, 19 May 2005 04:58:35

I am having issues with the consoles on my Sun's.  The problems have
started since I connected the consoles to a Lantronix Console server,

My Sun's are 2 flavors: serial port is a DB25 connection or a RJ45

My 220R/280R's use the DB25's.  These consoles work for awhile, but
then the consoles just lock up.  Even if I disconnect the console from
the Lantroix and hook it to a laptop, the console is still dead.  Its
like Solaris has disabled it or something.  But if I reboot the sun,
the console works again for a bit.

My V210's have the RJ45 connections.  They die after a while also, but
with these, if I HUP the console process, the console wakes back up and
starts to work again.

Does anyone have any ideas ?  All of these suns work fine if I do not
connect them to the Lantronix box.




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