Solaris x86 as Internet Provider + Lite vs Full Solaris Server

Solaris x86 as Internet Provider + Lite vs Full Solaris Server

Post by Tor Langbal » Fri, 18 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Sorry if any of this is in the FAQ, dunno where it is...

We're looking into purchasing Solaris x86 for use as a Internet Dialup
Provider and Web Server. We're in Norway where info and software choices
is not too great, so I have a few questions:

1) Is the difference between "Lite" and regular server options software
utilities and answerbook only? (i.e can you extend Lite to handle multi

2) What are "Street" prices for the Solaris x86 Server options.
   How much for an extra CPU upgrade?

3) Does anybody have any comment on "The Internet Gateway" package?
   What kind of WWW server does it have?

4) Who is a good/cheap dealer of SunSoft products in the US or Canada?

5) Does anybody have any recomondations as far as Internet Providing on
Solaris goes? Will we see an advantage with multi-cpu's?

6) Is Solaris 2.5 worth waiting for? When will it be out? Or will it just
cause more problems until all programs work with it?

Any answers greatly appreciated,

Tor Langballe
Cutting Edge Technologies

Tor Langballe
Cutting Edge Technologies


1. Evaluation pointers: x86-Solaris vs x86-NT vs SPARC-Solaris

We are trying to come up with a division-wide standard for workstations
(a mix of engineering applications as well as office-productivity apps).
We realize that we will always need high-end UNIX workstations for
visualization, CFD, CAE, etc....this standard is for the middle-of-the
road requirements.  The choice has boiled down to that specified in
the subject line.

Can anybody point me to web pages, ftp-sites, etc where I can find
info  (honest-to-god evaluations, opinions, reports, benchmark results)
on the above subject?  

If you have experiences (maybe opinions as well) please let me know.  This
has the potential of quickly degenerating into a long UNIX-machine vs PC
battle (I'm a long time Sun fan)....BUT I'D LIKE TO FOCUS ON ISSUES LIKE
performance, capability, drawbacks, cost. etc.



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