HELP with Mail

HELP with Mail

Post by vela.. » Thu, 18 Apr 1996 04:00:00

We have a Sun Sparc5 and are attempting to use it as our Internet DNS, WWW,
and Mail server, but are having a little bit of difficulty.

I think I've got the DNS working properly...I haven't found a domain we couldn't
connect to yet.

However, we are having a lot of difficulty getting mail out/in to a few domains.
I've set up the machine so users can connect via POP3.  When the mail is
attempted to be sent out by the Sun Machine (for example to it fails
and is returned by the Mailer-Daemon (Cannot send message for 3 days).
Other failed domains include:,

Transcript of Session shows differing mesages:
        250 mailhost via ether... 250 Deferred
        421 Connection refused by

It's seems we must be doing something wrong on our end.

Any suggestions including online or paper resources would be most appreciated!



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