Networker 5.0 and Solaris 2.6

1. Exabyte 230D Tape Library Problem w/Networker 5.2.1 (Solaris 2.6)


   We just replaced one bad DLT-7000 drive in our Exabyte tape library
and now we are having problem communicating with it.  The front panel
of the tape library appears normal and functional for both drives and we
had rebooted the tape library afterward.
   The tape library is connected to the Sun E3500 server and we are
running Networker 5.2.1.Build.14 Turbo/10.  The OS is Solaris 2.6. We
restarted the NSR daemons and ran the "nsrjb -H" command.
   All checked ok !
   But we got "nsrjb: Jukebox error, Illegal Request, ASC 0x3b ASCQ
0x83" errors when we ran the "nsrjb -EI" command.  Any idea what
this means ??  We noticed that any time we tried to mount the tape via
the GUI, we will get read I/O error message and the Networker
automatically "disabled" the drive. Then we do "nsrjb -v" and found that
the tape is mounted and cannot be written to.  We found it very odd this
can happen and had to enable it again in the GUI.  We did reboot the
E3500 server as well but to no avail.

   We appreciate very much if anyone out there can help us on this
urgent issue.




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